Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[tunesday] Loud Harp

Ok, ever heard of Seafinch?
well, they're a really spectacular local band. I first saw them at the second night of the Velour's Six Year Anniversary Celebration. Really great sound.

About a month ago a link from Seafinch's facebook page came up in my newsfeed. It said something aout a free download, so obviously it only took seconds before entering my iTunes.
It was an entire album from a collaboration between Seafinch's lead singer, Asher Seevnick, and his friend, Dave Wilton called Loud Harp.

I played it while i tidied the house, doing dishes and whatnot and I was having a grand old time. 
The music is beautiful, speaks-to-my-soul type.
I got curious about it and checked out Loud Harp's facebook page.

there I read this:

"...About a year ago we got together for a weekend to write songs for Asher's band, Seafinch, but instead found ourselves writing songs in response to God's overwhelming presence in the midst of a season of doubt. As a result every song on the record is drenched in the theme of trusting in God's unending goodness and love. We pray that God uses these songs to draw near to you as He drew near to us during that time, ministering His peace and comfort through His presence."

needless to say, I realized why it was speaking to my soul.

I should probably tell you, I love music regardless of the religion/belief/morals of the creator(s), but I'm always looking for those few that I can look up to because of their music and their lifestyle. As of late it's become something that's really important to me. And I just feel so uplifted knowing that there are people in the world that I can strive to be like.

to name a few of my favorites:
Brandon Flowers (lead singer of The Killers, which happens to be one of my favorite bands since the 7th grade)
Imagine Dragons
Neon Trees
Jennifer Blosil
Benton Paul
and now, Loud Harp.

This album hit me so hard because of it's purity and intense beauty.
I love it.

You all should definitely download it, whether you share my beliefs or not, it's most definitely worth listening to.

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