Sunday, August 5, 2012


I love Jen.

She's a favorite. Plus also she's a beaut. and she's hilarious.

Up to the SLC again for the Twilight Concert Series. I was so freaking bummed that I missed Band of Horses last week so I was determined to see My Morning Jacket. I would not miss it.

They were amazing. and they played my favorite song very last. It was totally worth the heat and getting squished and inhaling various air pollutants. Loved it.

Friday was the Rooftop concert.

Heard Book on Tapeworm for the first time and fell in love.

And loved every second of Isaac Russell. Fifth time I've seen him perform this year, first time I've seen him perform with a full band. It was cool, but I think I prefer the acoustic set.
All in all, it was a fabulously musical weekend.

Y'all should get out there and see them. It's great.


Bethany said...

I saw Band of Horses, and I am listening to "Blue Beard" at this very moment.
I wish I had known their songs a little better.

Robyn Litchfield said...

love these photos. i love band of horses too! ^ , you have good taste in tunes. also, your glasses... uh-mazingly cute. following !