Saturday, August 4, 2012

it's about time

for another Kameron post.

well.. maybe not for you,
but for me? yes.

Always accompanying me to my very favorite place to shop. of course, Savers. 
His favorite part was carrying around all the things I picked out. 
Just kidding. but he would let me drape them on him until his arms got tired and he found a cart.

Aww, window friends. going in for the hug.

Little guy in his Rancid shirt. 
Out Come the Wolves. 
Sometimes he ties my shoe for me.

Remember when I said that he wears a lot of black? I wasn't exaggerating. 
But he's super cute, so it's ok.
also, that's my arm in his hands... just in case you were wondering.

He only smiled after he turned away from the camera. I don't know what that kid has against pictures...

That's why it's always nice when I can catch him by surprise. I have to be pretty sneaky about it though.

I miss the winter and my Kam. But they'll both come back around eventually.

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natmonse said...

i seriously love you ruth (: