Friday, August 10, 2012

i've been kinda

lame about blogging lately.
meh. I go through phases, some where I can't help but blog every stinking second of the day
and other where I can go with out blogging for weeks at a time.
I haven't gotten quite that bad just yet.

this post is going to be fairly spotty with the last few weeks.

After recording Kids. we're chubby.

THE ALKALINE TRIO GUITAR. That picture is definitely getting sent to Kam.

Give me Buddy. nowish.

Kim was really excited for breakfast after morning baptisms. She really likes food. You wouldn't think it to look at her.

Then she got upset because I wanted to take a picture and she just wanted to eat. I just love her.

The post-baptisms-air-dried-shaggy-dog look.

Austra was so unexpected but so so great. As disappointed as I was that Passion Pit didn't come, they definitely made up for it.

I can't even help to love Jen so much. She kills me. Everyone needs a Jen in their lives.

Sometimes it gets crazy hot and these longhaired girls get weary of their luscious locks upon their necks.
That's when I come in and do up their hairs.

They both have fantastic heads of hair.
Life is grand.

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Miss Kim said...

i LOVE your lipstick. Obsessed.