Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love and Hugs part 3

The beginning of stories I tell are almost always jumbled, words flying. Especially if I'm excited about it.
So I'm trying my very hardest to think straight enough to be making sense.

my mom keeps telling me that everything that has happened thus far has been in accordance with a plan, a plan I know almost nothing about, but my Heavenly Father has got it all figured out.

I played an open mic tonight.
twas my second open mic in provo
my first open mic at Velour.

It was so much fun.
my right foot didn't stop shaking the whole time
and the chair I was sitting on was a spinny one, so I may have made a few people seasick with my swaying back and forth.
but I loved every second of it.

remember Jen and Amy?
of course you do, how could you forget?
they are great, beyond great, they're fantastic.
They were going to come see me play tonight, but between freeway traffic and desperately trying to make it to a friend's reception they got there just minutes too late.

So I played a few songs for them on a bench outside.

"I love secret shows", Jen said.
this show was so secret only three other people besides myself and my parents knew about it.
So. secret.

Here's the thing, JennyBenny, Amy and Jen Blosil are all friends from high school.
They were all attending a friends wedding reception together and all listened lovingly to my "secret show".
If you don't know Jen Blosil you ought to.
She's fantastic.
I met her officially tonight when she came to Velour with Jen and Amy to hear me sing.
Outside Velour I sang an original.
and guess what?

She totally asked me to open for her headlining show at Velour on Saturday, September 29th.


I'm so stinking excited.
The truth is I've been working for the past little while to be able to release an EP of five or six of my original songs in the next month or so. This show will be the perfect opportunity to get it out there.

First of all, I would love all of you to come if you can. I will give you all more details about tickets and whatnot when I know more about what's going on.

You guys are so great, and it really has been so much of the support that I get from you guys that has pushed me to get out there and share my talent. I love you guys.
you're the best.

mark your calendars :)

p.s. if you feel like attending, I'm doing open mic at Muse Music Cafe tomorrow night at 8:30pm admission is one dollar.


Yvonne said...

I know that you always say that I think you are pretty, that you sing very well...... because I am your mother.
Well now you have evidence of what I have been telling you coming from other poeple, many other people!!!
I like this and I will definitely be there today and on September 29th!!!
SOOOO excited for you♥♥♥♥

Hutch Y. said...

Congrats! Your audience is gonna love you.

Katie Fairchild said...

Congrats! Annnnnd super random: My brother I think performed last night too? Does Kevin Fairchild ring any bells?