Sunday, August 26, 2012

Old West

Maman works at Tahitian Noni... er I guess now they're called Morinda Bioactives.
either way, every summer they have a huge party,
pony rides, petting zoos, blow up toys, rock climbing walls...etc.
but best of all.
free food.

We got to the eating part fast enough.

and everybody loved the petting zoo.
so. many. baby animals.

oh the sno cones.

and so much cotton candy.
I think Kim had 5.

It was crazy hot out, so after a trip to the bathroom I did up the girls hair.

It was an Old Western theme.
We did a themed photo shoot.
Two Prim & Propers and a Gunslinger.

I love these girls and I'm so glad they were with me last night.

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Bethany said...

A. Your comments on my blog are always lovely. Thank you.
B. Cotton candy is my favorite thing.
C. Your hair seems to be getting quite long.