Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sometimes at a

given time of the month I can get a little... interesting.

I've said before that it's in these times that I miss Kameron most.
Usually it's not too bad.
Occasionally I'll crack open my journal, or my Kam-chronology and indulge myself in shameless nostalgia.
And I'll pour over his letter from the week.
Over and over again.
and I'll squeeze Lovie-face a little tighter than usual as I fall asleep.

Only this last week, guess what?
I didn't even get a letter.
I wasn't really worried, although I was pretty bummed out.
Usually Kam's letters come on wednesday or thursday, and if not then they always come the following monday.
sometimes the mailman is slow.
I can forgive him for that, he has a hard job.

monday came and no letter.
I was like, What the heck man?

then tuesday.
and wednesday.
and thursday.

still no letter.

In an attempt to comfort myself, I ate a really big bowl of cereal and watched a lot of modern family.
it helped a little. (except I'm probably never even touching that cereal again since it totally tore up the roof of my mouth. lame.)

then finally on friday it came.
Kam had sent me a cassette along with his letter and apparently he hadn't provided enough postage.
so it got halfway to me then sent back to him for more stamp-age before it could arrive to be touched by my heat-swelled fingers.
And today his letter for this week came.
So double whammy or something.
it turned out to be a pretty good week.

This video is really old. and I've shared it on here before. a long time ago. but it makes me smile.

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Miss Kim said...

Oh my. You guys are sooo stinkin cute! ugh. I hate my life.