Friday, September 21, 2012

all good things

Good great thursdays
In preparation for The Mighty SequoyahI decorated myself with the lovely shirt I bought last time

and by golly I made it to both of events in time to see Lady & Gent too.

and P.S. bethany is pretty much awesome. Hopefully I didn't scare her away... because I like her.
AND The Mighty Sequoyah was as amazing as always. 
and you know what?
They talked to me.
while they were on stage.

***disclaimer these words are not verbatim. my brain was spinning. you get the gist***

Caleb (the lead singer) was tuning his guitar between songs when he looked right at my face (I was right up by the stage) and squinted a little bit. 

Caleb:    "You sang at open mic, right?"

everyone around turns to stare at me

Me:          "YEAH..."

Caleb:       "It was really good, your voice is really pretty." he smiles

Me (to quote Makenzi "shatting my pants"): "Thank Yoooooooooooou..."

Hannah (backup vocals and violin): "Yeah, it's ruth, right?"

Me: (still shatting my pants):   "Yeahhhhhh...."

Hannah:     "It was good."   she smiles

Me:  ....dying on the inside

My life is complete, probably.

also, strawberries.

life is good.

1 comment:

Bethany said...

A. I laughed watching your video. You're classy on camera. I am not.

2. While driving home, Tanner said something along the lines of, "Wow, Bethany, that was courageous driving in a car with someone you've never met." No, it was courageous for someone to LET me ride in a car with them when they have never met ME.

D. Ohmygoodness. Mighty Sequoyah story: I die. That's splendid.