Sunday, September 2, 2012

And so it begins

the first day of september couldn't have been more lovely.
who needs sun and heat? not this one.
I went on a walk. again.

Is it horribly antisocial of me to turndown hanging out with someone because I'd rather go on a walk by myself?
I imagine that someday soon I could be a hermit

I listened to her. Natalia always brings me back.

I walk when I want silence and something else.

when my skin ached for the wind I stopped at the swings.
I pumped my legs skyward and watched the clouds turn from orange to a deep and comforting shade of purple.
I prayed for the waning light to stay, that darkness might wait.
wait for me to be ready.

but as the sky darkened and tiny stars twinkled into view I left my swing.
that blue bench beckoned to me.
as I slouched down to let my neck find it's spot on the backrest my eyelashes flickered with a memory.

The night he went by Kevin.

We were all together in the dark field across the street from my house, with blankets, with sweaters, with dodge balls, waiting for the star showers.
Some lounging on the blankets, others standing in a circle playing "think-fast".

I had called to invite him a few hours earlier.
His mother answered and said he wasn't home, asked if she could take a message.
I almost said no, but then figured I might as well tell her.  a bunch of my friends were getting together in the field at 9 o'clock to watch the star shower and he was invited.
I didn't think he'd get it in time, but that was the message I left.
he'd only been home a for few days, and I was sure he was out with his friends who had missed him all summer.

That's why the dodge ball Andy had thrown to me flew straight over my shoulder when I noticed a dark silhouette shuffling toward us.My stomach dropped a little. I hadn't expected him to come, yet there he was making his way to the "think-fast" circle.
Carrie practically pounced on him when he reached us, demanding to know his name, bouncing up and down with her usual enthusiasm. He mumbled his name and she ran with it, "Kevin? Everyone this is Kevin!"
he didn't correct her, typical Kameron.
Only my brothers, Calix, and I knew the truth,
well and Kameron, of course.

  more later.

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Tam said...

I love your stories too!

Just so you know.