Sunday, September 23, 2012


is a special day
Maman and I attended Chalk the Block, mainly to see brother Samuel and his chalkification.

It's a Dr. Who thing. I don't understand the references because I don't watch it. But that kid, he loves it.

It was the first day of fall and I was sorely disappointed by the marked lack of chill in the air. Sweaty sunshine and pushy shoppers make me cranky. But Sam was cool, and I ran into Chrisanne and Coralee doing their awesome-artsy-chalk-thing, so lovely. plus mom and I decided we were too hungry to cook so we stopped to pick up some subway sandwiches for the fam. Huzzah.

Makenzi, Christian and I scooted our booties over to Velour for the night we'd been waiting for since the last rooftop. Makenzi and I were on "the list". No big deal.

Plus, also. Katie, if you're reading this you should know that Kevin and I are now friends. No sense in being strangers since I see him everywhere. multiple times a week. You guys are great. (and kudos on the run, missy!)

The Arcadians were the stuff of dreams, people. So good. Mind was blown. I wasn't even expecting that. I only wish I'd found out about them sooner. I didn't even hesitate when buying their EP. Here's hoping they'll have another show soon.

And guess what? I totally ran into Lauren and Anna. Lovely lovely people. Go bloggers and huzzah for meeting in real life. (you should check out her pictures from last night, they're eons better than these. skillllz)

And of course Fictionist was phenomenal. I don't even know why I love those guys so much.
oh, wait.
it's because they're fantastic.

AFTER the blessed concert we sat on a bench to let our heated selves cool in the night air, when who but Scott Shepherd walks past. I told him I love his bandhe told me he saw me perform at open mic, said I have a really pretty voice...

This music scene in provo has the friendliest people, and it's helping step out of my comfort zone, step out of my hermit world. I'm learning to love people and the things they have to say about life.

oh you guys. I love life.
Let's all meet up at a concert someday and we'll be infinitely happy, sweaty and maybe a little stinky. But it will be perfect.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

yay for randomly meeting blog friends :) You need to step out of your comfort zone more, the world needs more Ruthie. Your voice put me to sleep last night. Please don't think I am a creep. Have a good day!

Megan said...

Oh I love doctor who! I saw the chalk the blocks but I missed that one!

Kayla Elmer said...

Now that I think about it, I think that I saw you there! Blog stalk sighting.

ashley said...

Also, I was signed into the wrong account! oops. The comment from Kayla is from me..