Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Interesting comparisons

lately I've been compared to


Alison Sudol

Nataly Dawn


Ingrid Michaelson

Regina Spektor

let's just say I would die of happiness if I sounded anything like these women.
And obviously I'm beyond flattered when people say these things but I don't hear it...


Katie said...

You totally sound like Birdy! And I think you have a similar style to all of them. You are amazing :)

Sara Harris said...

ruthie. you are an amazing singer. if i had your voice my life would be complete!

Miss Kim said...

I love blood brothers...sooooo good. I'd say you're pretty darn freakin close. like centimeters or what are the smaller ones?....I feel dummmb. I'd have to google it.

Love you!

ps I'm still obsessed with your hair.