Sunday, September 9, 2012

just some things

Little Free Library. I'm not sure how many times I've walked past this without noticing it was there. Next time I go on a walk I'm bring a book with me.

Greenhouses are one of my favorite things. Horticulture was the highlight of my junior year. Chelsea and Nathan picked a really cute one for their reception.

It was Danny's birthday the big two-five. He picked Kohinoor.

Indian food. I die.

At menchie's they include honey among their toppings. I tried it out and threw in some pecans. yummm.

I'm probably obsessed with food. Peach cobbler. mmmm.

sunshowers. double rainbow.

it's called a two-bite cupcake. It took me three.

Driving down State street in Provo this lovely lady was too awesome not to document. When she noticed me taking a picture she smiled for the camera.

Sometimes I miss my hair a bit, but then I just do everyone else's hair and I feel better.
I love doing Sab's hair, it stays with minimal effort on my part.
I wish I had curly hair.

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