Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sibling Sushi

As of last night Suzette is back from Alaska.
But not for long, my friends. This girl is definitely branded with wanderlust.
If you can believe it she'll be gone again on thursday.
I think she's making a record of how little time she can spend at home before leaving again.

She, Danny and Maman came to watch me play open mic at Velour tonight, I went second and sweat bullets the whole time... heh.
Then we booked it out of there so we could make it to Shoga in time for some sushi.

Here we are. Don't we just look like siblings? Only guy missing is Brett.
BUT he'll be home at the end of the month. Hooray for little brothers!

Good good sushi. I think I still prefer Sushi Ya, but maybe I always will just because it was my first time eating sushi. Shoga was good though, don't get me wrong, I love any sushi I can get.

Missing my little Brettifer.
October couldn't come soon enough.

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Katie said...

I loooooOOOOOOoove sushi. Shoga is a good place. Do you feel that? That warm, kinda sticky feeling? It's my jealousy is radiating from Logan.