Sunday, September 9, 2012

story of my life

Inspiration always seems to strike when I have exactly zero time to be inspired.
I started writing a song maybe twenty minutes before work.
I was on a roll, people. That rarely happens to me.
I nearly busted out an entire song, yo.
Nearly, but then I had to leave for work.

I can complain all I want like it's not even my fault, but I think somewhere in there my subconscious is doing it on purpose, just to be funny. My innards probably like to jerk me around.
No big deal or something.
except it kind of is.

You want to know what the song is about?
It's about that one kid, you know the one I mean?
It'll be song number dos that I've written drawing solely from my memory of him.
(technically there are more songs I've written that are about him, but so far only two are real, ripped-from-the-headlines (and by "headlines" I mean not headlines, but my life) experiences. the others are mostly me just being creepy.)
Some of you probably would have thought the whole song was just one big metaphor, but it's not.
It's not even one big metaphor, it's one hundred percent literal.
this probably doesn't make sense right now, but it will when I show you guys.
and you'll be like,      
 "haha there's no way she's being 100% literal...."
and I'll be like,                  
 ".....wanna bet?....."

Just kidding.
It's probably not even that weird.
the word metaphor probably wouldn't even have entered your brain.
only now it will because I've totally planted it there.


now I'm just rambling.

I'll go to bed now.

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