Saturday, September 8, 2012


Since trying sushi earlier this week I've been craving it.
So Makenzi and I set out to eat some before heading over to the rooftop

So tasty. Kayla and Brittany met us there and we headed to provo.

Christian and Jen met us there. Walking to the concert we got a glimpse of Jenn's poster.
She opened at the rooftop yesterday and launched her kickstarter. I've told you she's great but now you've got a chance to see for yourself, you should check it out.

and Ah. Fictionist.
they are so amazing.

Also, I met Shelbie last night, and now that i'm thinking about it I should have gotten a picture with her. dernit. But it's always great to meet readers and you guys who listen to my music. I have to apologize for those of you who have met me. I am always ludicrously awkward. Sorry.

After the show the lot of us swung by the after party at Muse then Yogurtland for fro-yo.
My first time there. the set up is a little funky, but I must admit the Blood Orange Tart flavor is pretty awesome.

It was a crazy good night, and it makes me sad to know next month will be the last rooftop concert for the year. BUT it will be a great show and the lineup at Velour this month is sensational.
I'll be there every weekend.

So good.

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Shelbie Jude Shill said...

AH. love you. loved that i met you last night. hopefully we will see each other again at some concert. (Jenn on sept 29th? yeah?) and we will get a picture. stay golden.