Thursday, October 25, 2012

area number 4

He's been transferred.
After six months of loving the people and the area he's off to different pastures.

With a Michael Jackson Pepsi can... 

Relishing his cinnamon roll. That boy loves his cinnamon rolls.

Saying goodbye to fellow missionary E. Neilson, one of his favorites.

They found a turtle on the road while they were biking.
I guess Craig was hungry?

Kam and the turtle. Isn't he adorable?

Kam, the cows of Happy Cow farm and his Happy Cow cinnamon rolls.

Always that face when he takes pictures of himself...

Kam's mom sent him a clown mask for Halloween... Craig decided to wear it. Craig the Clown.

Playing checkers with E. Haymond in the city library.

Posing with Buddy Holly at Moe's. Only... that's not Buddy...

Saying sayonara to Kelsey (his first investigator and baptism in the area) and and her kids

Bye to Justin (a priest in the ward)

Bye to Alex (also a priest in the ward)

Kam really loved that area but he's already working hard in the new one, finding new people to teach and making new friends.


Kelsey said...

missionaries are the best.

Katie Fairchild said...

He looks so happy! :) Soo glad he's having such a good time out there!

Hutch Y. said...

He looks great with a little sun on his face and coming out of his shell.