Monday, October 1, 2012


it's kind of sad that 80 percent of comments posted here are spam.
my little heart flutters and then dies.

My hair only ever looks the way I want it to when there's no one around to see it.

it's probably my curse.

I'm in the middle of detoxifying my room.
I could just say "cleaning" but that doesn't accurately describe it.
you people think I'm exaggerating, you know, for effect.

oh just wait until you see the pictures.
some of you may never want to see me again.
i'm a filthy human being.


Bethany said...

My room has the potential of neighbors calling in hazmat.
Luckily my apartment room just gets messy. And not .. toxic.

Tam said...

Same with my hair, it's so frustrating!

sydnee said...

this comment isn't spam.
i just love your blog.

Erin said...

I should comment more then! I feel the same way.

Your hair is always so darling! And I am so the same way about my room. Cleaning it could/should be my full time job.

Meredith said...

love the hair.
love it.

Natalie said...

no spam here- you're amazing! (curse and all)