Monday, October 29, 2012

I have a calendar

I'm not sure if it's something I've mentioned before, but starting from the very early days of my relationship with Kam I kept a calendar.
It was my way of relishing the few times I saw him at the beginning. I'd sit and scrawl the details of our encounters in the loose leaf pages of my ap English binder (during class of course), simultaneously sparing myself from the ap drone and delving further into the reverie of small moments. Even if he had only given me a ride home from school, I would pour over every detail, reliving them in order to sustain me until the next time.
7 months I wrote. With letters to myself in between.

A year later when Kam found it I was mortified. I'd been a sappy girl, and he'd found the proof. I left the room while he read it.
Embarrassed as I was, I stumbled over that binder yesterday. I scowled at the memory of my creepy self for a minute, but decided to flip through it.
I'm glad I was creepy for those seven months. Now I have a detailed description of our beginnings, and I needed that yesterday.

Maybe I'll share pieces of it with you?


Erin said...

You should! I love that so much. I wish all the time that I had kept better record of happenings in high school, just in case.

Katie Fairchild said...

So smart. I do that a lot in the drafts for my blog. I've always wanted the moment I met THE guy documented, so I write a lot about anyone I meet, haha :)

Katie said...

I wrote Jake 2 or 3 notes a week for the first 5 months of our relationship. Ranging from comics about an ugly donkey to details of our latest date. It is going to be fun reading those later!

Bethany said...

Please do.