Thursday, October 11, 2012

In years passed.

My birthday is coming up.
This is last year. 

Well, technically that picture is from Sam's birthday, but it's the day before mine, so it's basically my birthday too....

Judging from these pictures  you'd think I hate birthdays. But I don't. I like birthdays, they're like little individual holidays, everyone is nice on birthdays. Especially when you're forced to sit in a car all birthday long, driving from San Fran back home. When that happens everyone makes sure to be extra nice preceding the birthday. Your brother lets you wear his new linen pants as a scarf when you visit Ocean beach, Mom will buy you an orange monster-eye headband at Safeway just because you want it, Dad will let you choose the music in the car, and your little brother will let you start a blog about all the silly things he says. Kam will freak out about which album he wants to buy you and instead of deciding on one he'll get both, and he'll make you curtains so the creepers can't see you through your window at night, and he'll set up his own little photoshoot and smile for the camera so that you have plenty of pictures of him smiling.

Birthdays are great. I don't know who even started that tradition, but hey, thanks.

Also birthdays are great because I get cheesecake for my birthday, I'm not too keen on cake. 

you:       "but cheesecake IS cake"

me:        "No. No it's not."

That's what happens when people don't accept cheesecake as a pie.
Just because it has cake in the name doesn't mean it's a cake.
Life is hard enough without pretending that cheesecake isn't pie.
Embrace the truth people, you'll thank me later.

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