Friday, November 2, 2012

A June and a Pooh

our sewing machine was out of service (plus also those things are scary) so I sewed all that greatness on by hand people. it took a gajillion years.

For those of you who didn't read as children let me tell you, I dressed up as Junie B. Jones.
No one got this, and that is why I am telling you.

People kept asking me if I was Ugly Betty...
Fools, if I'd dressed up like Betty you wouldn't have to ask. But really.
Apparently brown kids can only dress up as other brown kids.
I can't dress up as a white guy because people don't get it.

Sam looks white enough, so they knew he was the 11th doctor, and if I have to tell you what Makenzi was you need to seek medical help because your eyes are not working.

The Sibs: The Doctor, Edna Mode, Junie B, and a boring kid wearing a Response hat and teeshirt.

We partied with Makenzi, Christian, Kallie and friends then made our way to a dance with Jennybenny and Kassidy.
I so wish I had gotten a picture of Jen's costume.
She was the most spot on Sam Shakusky I've ever seen in my life.

Happy Halloween you guys.

One Halloween down, and one Halloween to go.


Maddie Violet said...

You totally look like Junie B.!

Katrina Marie said...

You nailed that Junie B. costume, no doubt!

Hutch Y. said...

I won't lie. I'm a fool. But I didn't get that your brother was the 11th Doctor either if that makes you feel better.

Meredith said...

you just became my favorite.
& so did your brother.
love the costumes.

Tam said...