Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I went to the state fair with FFA. It was pretty lame. I hate things where you have to pay to get in and pay to do everything else inside too. That probably includes just about everything in the world, but I don't even care. At least I got out of school, but it would have been more fun if I actually had any friends in FFA. I don't think I really thought through that whole joining thing very well... I'm not a joiner... 
When I got home I sat on the front lawn with my slew of things and started to pretend to read my psychology chapters. I hate reading those, so I pretend to, just to feel like I made some effort. Then I started in on a joy book, jotted down some pretend poetry and eventually got to my 18 pages in the BoM.
It was just before 8 o'clock when Kameron's black silhouette caught in my peripheral vision. I pinched my lip and thought for a minute. 
I waited until he was coming up the curve of the track toward the house before skipping across the loose gravel on the street in my bare feet. Trailing few feet behind, I called out to him. He slowed down the tiniest bit, but didn't stir otherwise. Had he heard me? I ran up a bit further and called him again, a little louder this time. Still no response. I slowed my steps, I had gotten closer and I could see he was listening to his iPod, but only one earphone was in, the other dangled at his elbow. 
He must have heard me, I thought. Again I started to run to get closer and called his name a third time. This time he veered to the right, suddenly running off the track and into the field. I ran after him saying I'd catch him. "No you won't", he threw over his shoulder. I knew I wouldn't, he was already way ahead of me and I had little pieces of gravel sticking to the bottom of my feet. I had no idea why he was running but I wanted him to stop, I threatened to throw my phone at him and he came to a stop in the middle of the field. 
When I'd caught up to him I asked why he had run, his face broke into a wide smile and he shrugged, "I dunno", he said. He asked me about my day and as I told him about the fair he took a few large steps closer to me . He was very near and I couldn't look at him as I spoke. I could feel my insides begin to tremble while he just looked at me in his quiet way, listening, hanging on my words. He pulled one foot  backwards up to his hip, stretching the muscle in his thigh when he lost his balance and fell over onto the grass. "I meant to do that," he chuckled, with an easy smile. "Why don't you just..." he said, patting the grass beside him. But I was afraid if I sat that close he would hear me breathing a little too quickly, so I plopped down where I stood, across from him with a foot or two between us. After I'd settled myself in the grass he inched closer and stared into my face as I continued to talk. And there we talked until it was dark. 
When the time on my phone showed ten o'clock I forced myself to bid him adieu. As I turned to walk away he asked if he could call me tomorrow. I nodded and smiled to myself as I walked away. 
I peeked at him from the window in the house as he stood there in the field staring after me for a minute or two before he put in his iPod and headed home... 


Sara Harris said...

this is cute:) i love it

Bethany said...

stop it stop it. write a book.

Maddie Violet said...

oh heavens, you need to write a book.