Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bitty Babies

These is them.

incredibly lively, always practicing his "parkour", as he calls it. Smart, always aware. Nothing gets past him. He's the smallest of the bunch with the biggest personality. His favorite thing is to ask me to make him about a zillion dinosaurs during play dough time.
He invited me over to his house last week to watch batman with him, when I got to class today he exclaimed "You didn't even come!... but I can watch it again tomorrow if you want." He's a cutie.

He's adorable. He likes to make sure no one is running when we trek down to the water fountain during drink break. He's the biggest of the bunch and he loves to get his paper towels from the dispenser all on his own. He's sweet and always says please and he loves to talk about his baby sister Lucy.

She loves it when we match, she'd rather be barefoot and she loves to tell stories. She dies over raspberries and is a good sharing friend. She often describes things as silly and can always make anyone smile. With Avery, babysitting is the best, she even helps me with the puzzles.

A superhero enthusiast, loves to tell everyone about all the superpowers he has. Zachary likes to take a closer look at everything around him. The other day he said, "Can we take a minute look at eyes?" he then proceeded to guide my face to his so that we were face to face and studied my eyes, I took the time to study his as well. After a little while he looked a little puzzled and then asked "So when did your eyes turn brown?" I told him they had always been brown. "Oh!", he said.

She is the quietest of the bunch, but so, so sweet. She loves pink and purple and her big sister Hannah. She loves to make one mama snake and lots of little baby snakes during play dough time. She is a great listener and always smiles a great nose-crinkling smile at me when I'm being silly. She knows a lot and loves brining her scriptures to church. She always says please and thank you and loves to share with her friends. Maddie is an observer and she has the greatest laugh.

These are the babies I'm going to have to leave as the new year begins.
They're all so special and I love each one.
In these three years together we've all grown up a lot.
I don't think I can say enough how much I'll miss them

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