Friday, December 14, 2012

I feel a little creepy

about this particular fact.

That there is a chunk of my hair...

You have to know that Kam's obsession with my hair has been a long time coming.
Back before we were even dating, if my hair ever fell out, or was lying around after having shed it, he would snatch it up and stick in in his pocket.
Weird? It gets a little weirder.

At one point I realized he had not only taken to collecting my fallen hair in his pocket but he had also been saving it in a pile on top of my fridge. Since no one in my family is tall enough to see that far up, he was the only one who knew it was there. That is until I was cleaning, found it and threw it away.
He didn't like that.

In the year that he has been gone I can tell you that in just about every letter I've received,  he has mentioned that I should send him some of my hair...
Back in April, when I cut off all my hair and donated it he said that he was happy I donated it, but that he wished I would have saved some to send to him., and that the next time I get my hair cut I should keep him in mind.
I can never tell if he's joking.

As some of you may know, November 30th was Kameron's halfway mark. So I decided to give give him what he'd been asking for all along.

I still feel a little creepy about it.
I don't so much feel creepy that he has it now, or that he wanted it, or that I actually did it, it's more just the idea that it's a dead part of me.
Kind of like If I had given him a large chunk of dead skin...

OH well.
I guess two creeps belong together.


Katie Fairchild said...

Hahaha! I love this! It's all kinds of adorable in the creepiest way possible.

Reille K. said...

This. This is fantastic.