Friday, February 1, 2013

He whispers 50% of the time

and not just in this video, but in life in general.
He whispers A LOT.

This video is an amalgam of just about every Kam moment I have on film.
I tried to get all the clips of when he actually spoke,
but he usually made a point of keeping his mouth shut whenever there was any sort of camera present.

Anyhow, mostly what I mean to say is that this video is pretty random and the only sort of order it has is chronological.
But that won't actually mean much to any of you.

Just try to remember this:
Kam would get off work every night at about 10pm. He would then proceed to call me.
Usually I was out with Kayla and Krystal, and for some reason we were always at a store (target, walmart etc.). I would tell him which store we were currently occupying and he would drive there and meet us.
Somehow he always found us within minutes of arriving at said store.

I know what you're thinking,     "Is that supposed to be impressive?"

There's actually a part in the video where Kayla asks if I texted him where we were, wondering if that's how he always found us so quickly.
Really, I'm not sure why Kayla asked that question because she knew just as well as I did that Kameron never owned a cell phone, so texting him was not even a possibility.
I deduce that he is part bloodhound.

mmm, I think that should be all that requires explaining, but if you find yourself confused about any part of it, you can ask.

(I tried to subtitle most of it, you know, so that you might actually know what is being said...)


Miss Kim said...

I LOVE THIS. You guys are the cutest! Ahhhhh.

Lauren Elizabeth said...


Rebecca said...

Excuse me, need to go die of cuteness overdose right nahh. This makes me so happy.:)

Erin said...

Okay, this is the cutest. I am a huge fan of love.

morgan. said...

i cannot waaaaaait until you two get married.

samantharicheson said...

Ok I promise I'm not a creep, but I stumbled across your blog one day and I am hopelessly in love with your's and Kameron's love :) It makes me happy to see that someone else loves their missionary as much as I do :) Stay Strong!