Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's actually 105

One of my youtube subscribers commented on my last video saying something like,

"You're 100th video! Yay!"

And in my brain I was like,
"Actually is the 105th..."

I have 105 videos. Five of them are on the MixturedSounds channel.

Sometimes I think about when I started making videos and it doesn't really seem like it was that long ago. But then I look at the first one I put up and I realize that it really was quite a while ago. 

Sometimes I'll sit down and listen to all the old ones and they all have specific memories attached to them. 
I love that they can bring me back like that.
and then sometimes I get sad.
And I can't really explain why or how, but thre's a certain melancholy that floods over me if I sit and listen for too long, just thinking.

That part of my life is so anonymous.
I like that.
and also I don't.

I'm proud of my videos, I guess. Even the ones I hate. I've just put a lot of time and effort into them. It's nice when other people can enjoy it too.

Press play and it will go through each video from beginning to end.
Click on the playlist button (bottom right-hand corner, first one on the left) and you can skip through the videos as you please.


morgan. said...

just played this as i was creating my study guide. it was a lovely accompaniment :)

Katie Fairchild said...

I will forever be in love with you and Derrick singing Someday Will Know. I still remember being at the edge of the stage snapping pictures of you guys for the yearbook thinking the entire time, "'Atta girl, Ruth!" because it was only the second time I got to hear your stellar voice!