Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kimverly aka Crazy Kim

I have this friend.
her name is Crazy Kim.
And I love her to bits and pieces.

It takes a certain kind of person to understand Kim.

I first met Kim my junior year in high school. She hates it when i tell this story, but I will anyway.
I was having a hard time with so called "friends" at the time and desperately looking for any reason to pull myself away from their table at lunch. One day I wandered the halls until I came upon Kim and Hannah. They invited me to sit with them as they ate. Kim rambled on about how Brad and Angelina had spent their Thanksgiving break, but she called them Brad and Angie. This is always still so funny to me. Kim isn't all the type to care about tabloids or celebrities, but Kim is the type who will fill the air with whatever is currently occupying her brain, whether it be news reports, or celeb gossip. But most often it's Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter quotes. Or even just stories she thinks are funny. Most of the time Kim tells you-had-to-be-there types of stories. She doesn't say "you had to be there", but it's usually pretty evident that you had to be there. But I just laugh anyway because she cracks me up.

Kim was there for me at an extremely vulnerable time in my life. She was the weird kid that most people avoided and I was the emotional kid that most people avoided.
I didn't mind her awkward quirkiness and she didn't seem to notice my tendency to be over emotional.
We just were.
And I could tell Kim anything.
I could trust her.

Kim has just always been there for me, and she always cares.

After kim's talk on sunday, waiting for the food to be ready and napping on her bouncy bed.

Probably for the rest of my life one of my favorite Kim quotes:

Kim's mom yelling from downstairs: "Kiiiiiim!"
Kim: "Yeah?"
Kim's mom: "what are you doing?"

Kim: "I'm just taking a nap with my friends"

Kim's mom: ".....ok."

Spending our last day together doing one of Kim's favorite things, drinking Frazils.

She laughed for hours at this picture.

This video is an amalgam of snaps (sent to katie) and vines.

Anaheim is getting a super weird but crazy committed sister missionary.
I'm going to miss that girl and our easy talks.

See you in 18 months Kimverly.

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Rebecca said...

She sounds awesome.=)