Thursday, February 21, 2013


So once upon a time, while Andy was out serving in Washington, we made him some very unique sleep sweats.
We decorated them with puff paint.
Twas quite fun.

This was two years ago. Kam was still here then, he participated in the making of the sweats.
As we doodled and dabbed, Kayla and I joked that when Kam left we'd make him some sweats too, but we'd make them say "JUICY" on the bum.
We had a good laugh at that, all of us, which surprised me a little, usually Kam might have done something like smirk mirthfully while Kayla and I laughed our heads off. But this time he laughed too.
So we pushed it a little further. If we sent them to him like that, would he wear them? we asked.
"Probably." he replied.

and so we did it.

Makenzi, Kayla and I went to town.

I'm a good free-hand-er (that's a joke...)

Hopefully you'll soon see a picture of him in these great things.


nichole and ryan said...

hahaha this is hilarious.

Rebecca said...

This is fantastic.