Thursday, February 28, 2013

There he goes

I'm hardly ever up this early anymore.
I'm awake now because my little brother his heading down to Manti with my parents and my older brother and sister this morning.
I asked them to wake me up before they left, so I could say goodbye, good luck.

He's going through the temple for the first time today.
Brett's going through the temple for the first time today.

I love that kid so much.
He's such a weirdo, every single day of his life, but I just freaking love him.
I'm so proud of him.

He's been so excited. Attending mission prep since his junior year in high school.
When they made the announcement that they were changing the mission age we were all sitting in the family room. I remember pointedly that Brett turned around to face my parents from where he was sitting on the floor and said

"That means...I could go tomorrow!"

He called to get an appointment to meet with the bishop a few minutes later.
And he's been flying toward it ever since.
He got his call in December, Tampico, Mexico Mission.
April seemed like it was ages away, and now it's steadily coming upon us, it's almost here.

Love him.

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