Thursday, January 31, 2013

[tunesday] Mideau

I'm peeing my pants.

Press play.

I was already crazy excited about friday night because I've been anxiously awaiting Polytype's (formerly known as Soft Science and/or Mont Blanc) album release, and then I find out that one of my new favorites is playing with them. None other than Mideau.

Tomorrow night is going to be so perfect.

The song above is available for FREE download, but only until Valentine's Day so be sure to get yours hands on it before it comes down.


Courtney Ruth said...

I really have been listening to this non-stop since last night (yes, I'm listening to it in class right now.) Mideau is WONDERFUL. I can't wait for their whole album.

Katie said...

I saw that is was available last night and freaked!! I'm stoked for tonight.

Rebecca said...

Me gusta.