Monday, March 11, 2013


Stole this idea from Rebecca. She's a cutie :)

Y'all should do your own video introductions. I'd love to see them.


Sara Harris said...

haha i freaking love ya ruthie. you have my favorite personality. and its wonderful hahahaha i love this more than i should

Kylie Haslam said...

(I've read every post.)

mardiiiii said...

oh my gosh. i freaking laughed my head off when you burped.
HAHHAHAHAHA. i definitely love you.
you're amazing.

Becca said...

Hahaha! Oh my gosh! You kill me! I was just crackin up. No big deal. Thanks for this beautiful video. Sincerely.

Shelbie McKae said...

I love this will my whole heart!! I'm pretty sure they could make a tv show about your life, with just you in it, and I would love it!