Sunday, March 17, 2013

Let me tell you

You guys.
Tonight was so great.
This weekend has just been full of amazing things and lovely people.
But I think part of what made this particular night so lovely was that it started out like a stinkface.

I have pretty much one concert going friend, that person being Makenzi, but weekends are her time with the boytoy and I choose not to encroach on that. Then Katie came along and she's willing to go with me too, but tonight she had other plans.
I don't really have that many friends, but the ones I do have either hate going or are crazy busy everyday of their lives and I hardly see them. Sad face.

So sometimes I run into this sordid predicament in which I am forced to decide whether on not I'd like to go to said concert by myself. And believe me sometimes that feels like a death sentence.
I tried to persuade Brett to go with me, but apparently he would rather stay home eating ramen and cookie dough. wow. Not like he's leaving soon and we have limited time together, but whatevs.

Anyway, I basically had a little pity fiesta in my room for a minute about how no one likes me enough to hang out with me. And then I got mad and I decided that I shouldn't be so horribly dependent on people. Plus, also there was no way I was going to miss a Mighty Sequoyah concert, I just love them too much. So I decided what the heck I'll go by myself and be a weirdo who does that kind of thing.

I entered Velour and made my way through the crowd, and lo and behold, who was standing directly in front of me? but Shannon and Courtnie.

I met Shannon and Courtnie about a year ago, I was working at Sammy's and they were Sammy's frequenters. I loved to look at them, that sounds creepy but they were always dressed so cute. Sometimes we talked as they sat at the counter.
Even after I left Sammy's I kept running into them everywhere, and we'd wave, smile, and say hi.
But it wasn't until a few months ago when I went to a concert with Katie (who knows them) that I learned their names.

So I did what any creeper does, I facebook stalked them, added them and then followed them on instagram.

I'd seen them at Mighty Sequoyah concerts before, and I asked Courtnie if they'd be in attendance tonight, she said yes, but truly I'd forgotten until I laid eyes on the back of their heads. We got to talking between sets and after the show they invited me to Village Inn with two of their other friends.

It was great.
Made my whole night.

Don't you just love when you meet lovely people and just click?

And to think, it might not have happened if I hadn't been alone.

p.s. you guys.
if you have snapchat. ADD ME
snapping is probably my whole life.

do it. or I'll be sad.


Katie said...

I'm not just "willing" to go, I love going!! Sorry I couldn't make it last night. I'm glad you made friends with Courtney, she is the sweetest. Count me in next time!

Shelby said...

ok.. so I definitely just found your blog through the lovely Sara. First off, love your blog. Second off, you are basically the best because you like Mighty Sequoyah! Third off, and the most awkward of all... i just realized i definitely have some of your music on my i pod... HAHAH I have no idea how this just happened, but I am quite happy about it. You are lovely, and have fabulous taste in music. And props to you for going to a concert by yourself! I am still trying to get to that point.

Rebecca said...

I love that you had a great time, go you!:) I'd add you on snapchat, but no phone.:'(