Saturday, March 16, 2013

ok, ok, okaaayyy

great night.

Met up with Sara for the first time.
You guys, I love her. she's great. You should love her too.

we went to The Riverwoods Spring break Staycation. and it was great.
Garret from lady & Gent played. Love him and his tippy-toe singing.
and The National Parks (formerly known as Brady Parks and the Indie Anns) played.

SO much greatness, I'm psyched for their new album.

and guess what?

I met up with my lovely snapchatties, Kylie and Courtney too.
and their two lovely friends Savannah and Betsy.

Savannah, Courtney, me, Kylie, and Betsy


Then after the show, Sara and I met up with Katie and perused Blickenstaff's

this was just a great day you guys.
I just love love love my blog friends.
I just wish you could feel how much I love all these girls.


Sara Harris said...

ruthie, i love your guts. i hope you know that! i had so much fun last night:) next time im in town we will party again.

morgan. said...

you're a snapchatter too? oh i am obsessssssedddd.