Friday, April 19, 2013

Corrine Corrina

Those of you who don't follow my instagram, or aren't friends with me on facebook probably don't know that I dyed my hair. Don't feel badly, it was a surprise to everyone apart from my mother, sister, Makenzi and Sara. I wasn't too keen on sharing just because I wasn't sure I really wanted to do it.

But after three hours on tuesday I am newly red-haired.

anywho. there's that.

Also, dear Miss Kim requestted that I post another "loud voice" cover.
I'm still learning control, it's not a register that I'm used to so forgive me if it's a bit rough.

Love you guys.


Katie said...

You're killin me. This is perfection.

Nichole Keele said...

this is AMAZING!

Tam said...

Love the hair. Color, length, everything.

Rebecca said...

you hair is so precious! And your cover, just wonderful.