Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Like eyes

The other night, recently returned from his mission in Guatemala, who but James Keyes came into Menchies.
(Keyes like eyes, not like keys)
What a sweet kid, you all should love him. Marry him even. He's great.

While I was talking to him something I hadn't thought about in a really really long time popped into my head.
James Keyes was totally my first date. And he probably doesn't even know that he was.

I was almost seventeen, and super unsocial. James was a cool kid in my Spanish class group, and he was also the younger brother of one of my sister's best friends.

He told my dad he'd have me back home by nine. At eleven pm, we were at James' house and everyone was taking turns playing guitar hero (except for me, I'd never played and as you know I'm not really into video games anyhow). The door bell rings and guess who's at the door?
Dear old dad.
I guess there are cons to your parents knowing where all your friends live.

It was a fun night I don't really remember a lot of it, we bowled or something.
But yeah, James Keyes was a pretty cool first date, he was a super sweet, super solid kid and totally still is.

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