Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So again, Katie was the only one who asked a question.
She wanted to know how Makenzi and I became friends.

Most of this video is just nonsense....
But i think we answered the question...

Anywho, thanks for being so solid Katie, you make me feel good about life.


Bethany said...

Dear Ruth.
Your hair is lovely and long. I quite like it.
And you two are funny.
Also, I'm thinking of trying the wearing lipstick art. The problem is that I want lipstick that won't get all over my teeth/face/clothes/hands/whatever else. I know you're an expert, so I am wondering if you have any favorites or suggestions.
Sorry if that was random on this post. But I couldn't find any of your posts about lipcolour.

I am jealous of your hilarity and confidence.

Katie said...

Oh man oh man. Laughed the whole time. That was an A++++ story and you know what? I am glad I asked! New question. Who is your fave local band? Maybe top 3.
Annnnnnyway. I super like you guys.

Chelsey said...

this is thee greatest. so much love.