Monday, April 1, 2013


Ok, so I'm pretty much 100% certain that you are all familiar with Meg and McKay if you're not, well then there's the link (you'll love them). What seems like a gajillion years ago, I sang at their lovely wedding. On the inside I was like "hey, brain, you know what would be so cool and probably real classy of us? To write a dear song for Meg and McKay, so let's do it, ok? Let's do it."

and my brain was probably on board with the whole idea, but then he checked out at the last minute. He gave me the words, not many, mind you, but some. But he was only coming up with really lame melodies, and I was like "Hey brain, could you step it up a little? Cause I'm kind of hating every sound that you're managing to churn out." But he got offended and left me to fend for myself. Bad news bears.
So there the song sat in my projects folder. For an entire year.
Then Meg and McKay's anniversary was coming up, so I busted it out and called it good.
that was months ago.
At the time I sent it to her because I was determined, but I still sort of secretly hated it, it had gone unfinished for so long and I had picked at it and poked it for a long time, but I sent it nonetheless.

Now i'm listening to it and I don't hate it. But i'm not sure if it's a winner either.
Probably sorry for writing you a mediocre love song.
oh hu-well. I did it with love.


Shelby said...

well i just love this!

Hutch Y. said...

Super adorable.