Saturday, May 18, 2013

A note for the future

Dear ruth,

don't try and do month long blog challenges. You always get bored or overwhelmed. So don't say you'll do them. Say you will take ideas that you like from it and go in whatever order you want. Don't feel like you have to limit yourself, because really, who cares? The five people who read your blog will not be offended. So probably, quit worrying about it or something.

Things & stuff,

the other ruth

I was so caught up with not wanting to blog about the things I was "supposed" to blog about that I'd put off blogging about the things I did want to blog about. And then when I finally got the chance to blog about just the me stuff, it felt like there was so much to say and I really didn't feel like making the effort to get it all down.

I didn't blog about my call with Kam:

I didn't blog about Marina:

Or any of the fun nights in between:


Rebecca said...

I love these pictures, especially the collages!:)

Reille K. said...

Oh my heck, RUTH. YES. That's exactly how I've been feeling! SO overwhelmed and just starting to hate blogging a little bit. Instead of it "getting me back into blogging" like it was supposed to, it made me start to hate blogging a little bit. (Pretty sure we're doing the same challenge?) Let's make a pact to stop each other if we ever say we're going to do a blog challenge again?

Hailey said...

I hate the may challenge. I really do.