Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First day of May

Copying Meg because I loved this idea. You can do it too.

I was the third child, the second girl, but the first born in the place we would call our home for the next two decades. My parents had always intended to go back, I for one am pretty grateful they didn't. Not because I hate the homeland, but because I love it here and this is my home. Two more babes, and bam I was the middle child. We lived in Orem's ghetto and we were poor. I didn't know. When I was nine we moved west of state street. There were a mess more white kids at the new school, it was weird. In the sixth grade everybody hated me because of one popular girl. Those three years of elementary school were the worst. Jr high was a breath of fresh air, I cheated and didn't go to the school I was supposed to, I was back with my real friends, but we were separated once again in High School. High school was almost uneventful, I stayed in the background. Junior year, a beautiful lerp of a white kid was my lab partner. That summer we talked for hours everyday. We've been in love ever since. Nearly a year and a half ago he left for South Carolina. We write letters, and emails, and listen to tapes of each other's voices. He's my best friend. So here's to waiting.

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Hailey said...

done & done! thanks for giving me a reason TO FINALLY BLOG. phew.