Thursday, July 25, 2013


Ashley and I finally did an open mic together on Tuesday. it was the best. 
But while I was looking for songs for us to practice I stumbled across a folder of pictures of me and Kam.  And I love them so much that I had to share.

Kam and I on a typical Sunday evening.

He hates it when I pull out Photo Booth. also, I look rather heinous when I laugh.

 Obviously I'm the annoying one out of the two of us.

From a photo shoot with Kayla.
We probably love America.

Isn't he adorable?

Apparently I like him so much that I'd eat him.
Who am I kidding? Of course I would.

I like him :)

And would you look at that? Seems like likes me enough to eat me too.
Just a couple of cannibals, the two of us.

He pulled his bike out of retirement for me. And then it was promptly stolen. Whoops...

We took a walk around the Marriott before Makenzi's graduation.
He's not tired, he just hates pictures.

But I got him to loosen up a bit.


Menchie's was our place.

He loves that stuff.

We even take a break from weddings to sneak in some froyo.

I love that I was able to capture this face. This is a rare gem.

We discovered the chocolate covered cheesecake together.
Despite the look on his face, he loved it.

He would eat me, but he would never let me catch his flu. he made me wear a mask around him for a week.

Masked kisses.

Mmm yeah. Stale heat summer days called for a lot of Photo Booth.....

All in all I just really like him.
Who knew?

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