Sunday, August 11, 2013

I don't know you guys

Everyone said the first few months would be the hardest. But those just flew by for me.
He was where he needed to be, and so was I.
I was taking it one day at a time, and it was lovely.

But then life got a little bit hard and it seemed like I was all alone and the only one I wanted to talk to was him.
So then I was just sad and pathetic for a minute.

But now I just miss him.
And I'm not quite sure how to prepare myself (if there's even a way to do that...)
I know it's coming.
The time is growing shorter each day, but somehow it still feels far.
And I think it's safer to feel like it's a long way down the road.
Because the second I start to think about how close it really is, my brain starts to think it should just be now.
But it's not.

Does that make any sense?

I'm not sad anymore.

I just love him a lot, and it's been a long time.
And I'd like to give him a squeeze.
Kam hugs are the best.

So here's looking forward to that.


Bethany Johnson said...

Time out. Does he get home this year.?!

Shelby said...

oh lady, it makes perfect sense.

Mila said...

You can totally do it! Just hang in there. Things that take the longest are always the ones that are worth it.

Xo. M.