Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So this one time I moved out...

I am currently writing from my new abode.

This has been sort of a whirlwind of events.
Thursday before last Courtnie mentioned one of her roommates was moving out and they needed someone else to move in.
And it all went pretty quickly from there.

After signing my first lease.

After having slept through my packing time friday night.

A brand new bike for transportation of course

Staring at the ceiling in my room last night, feeling weird about calling a new place my room of the first time in eleven years.

Finding new place to hang these.

I don't know how I feel yet. It's different that's for sure but I haven't really even been here that long.

Ask me in a week.


Shelby said...

lady, i am pretty jealous. i would LOVE to move out. just kind of start over in a place that is my own. sounds like an adventure.

Miss Kim said...

moving out sucked for like the first 3 weeks for me. sucked i tell you, but...

you're in povo, i'm in provo, let's be friends.