Thursday, September 12, 2013

These are the days

When I feel like things are starting to make themselves known to me as right side up. Here I was thinking they were upside down, and I didn't fit inside, the centrifugal force couldn't keep me because the shapes were wrong. Or so I thought. But it really wasn't upside down at all, I was just looking at it from the wrong direction.
Once I turned around it was alright, it was all right side up.

I don't have to worry myself sick about the colors that she chooses to be. That's up to her and not me.

This vapor lulls me to sleep each night, so maybe it's not all bad after all. 

I don't have to try to be what she wants me to be.

Everyday is a day closer to when he'll be here and his letters make me feel so much better. It's been a while, but it a not too much longer now.

They miss me, I think. I thought maybe they wouldn't. But I think they do.

Sometimes change stings a little but it doesn't last forever.

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Katie said...

Change can be super awful sometimes. When I lived at home I could play with my family whenever I wanted and everything was great and happy. Now I can only see them like once a week, if that, which sucks because they mean so much to me. But I love living on my own in SLC. It just takes some adjusting. I think you're doing great. At least your room is coming together :)