Thursday, September 12, 2013




In my dream I was working at some weird restaurant.
When who but Kameron walks in, suit and tie, name tag and all.

He's says, 
"Guess what? I'm home."

At this point I'm pretty excited I walk out from behind the counter and he says, "I haven't been released yet so I just have to shake your hand."

I'm ok with that, but as I shake his hand I realize that something is missing.
No one told me he was coming, and for heaven's sake, they didn't even invite me to the airport.
I get a little upset. As I'm thinking about this, Kam says, "Well anyway, I have to go get released so see ya." and he walks out.

He didn't even invite me to go with him. sad face.
and then, after work I walk to his house. There's about a million people there.
And I wasn't invited.

Then I woke up.
Good thing that wasn't even real life, eh?

But guess what? This is:

The monday before Thanksgiving I'll have more than enough to be thankful for.
and that's a fact.


Erin said...

I love this! I'm so excited for you! I had about a million of those dreams in the last year and they're crazy. It's weird to finally have an end!

Miss Kim said...

I love your love. I said it. I'm obsessed. I've been MIA of late, but I'm back and here to stalk and leave creepy comments and love your blog and listen to you and your awesomeness.