Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm going to rant for a minute

Let's talk about something for a minute. Self harm. And the way some people choose to glorify it. I'm not here to say whether the act itself is right or wrong or what warrants or justifies it. 
But time and time again I'm both angered and saddened at the way I see it romanticized on the internet. They make is seem beautiful and even special, like having scars or making them makes you more than you were before, rather than focusing on how dangerous and destructive it really is.
People who use it to propel themselves in social media, wielding their scars for the sake of gaining a following. 

It feels like an epidemic. 
The lyrics of a song come to mind:

A laundry list of problems doesn't make you interesting and never getting help doesn't make you brave / not listening to reason doesn't mean that you have faith you're just cutting off your nose despite your face.

"Sympathy for the Martyr"- Straylight Run


Anonymous said...

This is something you don't really understand unless you've had a real problem with it. Cutting is an addiction, just like porn or drugs. People do it to feel better about all the crap that's happening in their lives. It takes away the mental pain. And when you're doing it, you can't think straight. You can't "listen to reason" because your judgement is clouded.

You can't make judgements on something you don't understand. Some people that cut can't just "get help". When me parents found out I was cutting, they told me I was being stupid and started holding threats over my head unless I stopped. And my friends either made fun of me or thought I was a freak and avoided me.

People talk about cutting on the internet because they have other people to relate to. It's nice to have other people who understand what it feels like.

It's easy for people who have never experienced it to sit and think "oh gross, don't they know how bad that is?" Of course we know how bad it is. But that doesn't mean we should just not talk about it, and turn a blind eye and act ashamed of ourselves.

Overcoming cutting is an amazing feat, and people who have overcome it shouldn't have to hide their scars or act ashamed of their past just because it makes other people uncomfortable. If you are someone who has been into heavy self-harm and has come completely out of it, they actually are more than they were. They are stronger, wiser version of themselves.

Bottom Line: Don't start ranting on stuff you don't understand.

Maddie Violet said...

Right there with ya Ruthie. I agree with you that it shouldn't be romanticized.

ruthie.von said...

I states clearly in the beginning of this post that I was not making a judgement on those who struggle with self harm. I know that it's a real sickness and that's why it bugs me so badly when people put it in a romantic light, as though it's something to look up to. I can admire and look up to people who have come off conquerors, or those who try daily to keep from it. And I realize that the internet community is good for support, I know that just as well as anyone. What bothers me is when self harm is made to look like fun. Obviously it's not. This post was not written to slam on those who struggle with self harm, it was written to try and bring awareness.
Bottom line: don't assume that I'm making light, or less of something I know to be a serious issue

Jennie Grange said...

cutest blog around!