Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The internet it great, the internet it stupid.

Dear anonymous,

I'm completely open to discussion about anything I've written. Obviously you found my last post distasteful. I just wish you would have said what you did under your own name. Where your words may have been a little harsh, I don't wish you hadn't said them, you voiced your opinion just as I did mine. I realize that you were defensive because you were trying to make me understand something, but just know for next time that I respond much better to someone who doesn't feel like they need to hide in order to say what they mean.
The internet is such a great tool for topics of serious discussion as well as differing opinions and experiences, so just know, that if you mean what you say, I can't think any less of you for it. Keep that in mind.
To be fair to both of us, I was mad about something in particular that I didn't care to articulate in my previous post, and you took my ambiguity and understood it in way that was the opposite of my intentions.
I'm not mad, and I certainly hope you aren't either.

The writer of this blog.

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