Sunday, January 26, 2014

an update i guess

I never thought i'd be one to abandon my blog, or neglect it for so long. But here where are.
I guess i just don't have that much to say anymore.

Kam is home obviously. All is well.
For a while it was strange, like i'd wake up and have to wonder whether he'd really come home or not. But that only lasted a little while, now it's kind of hard for me to believe that he was gone two years. At the time it felt like a long time, but now it's just like anything else: time that's passed.

Everyone keeps asking if we've got a date set.
I'm not insane, so no.

sorry if that seemed harsh, it's just that i don't believe in getting married with no legs to stand on.
I want kam to be able to get started in school. I want to get a job that will give me more than twenty hours a week.
I realize that everyone has the married-and-poor stage but i'd really like to avoid married-and-homeless.
And there's no way i'm going for the "living-with-the-parents" situation. I realize that's an option for some people, but i'd really rather not. I mean, Kam's parents still have 5 kids living at home, and my parents are nearly empty nesters but i think they're liking that, so I shall not intrude.

I want to go to hair school. I've been ruminating on it since about April and until now i've been too scared to really make myself commit to the idea. But i think it's what I want, i'm not positive, but who ever is? and it's not like i've come up with any other options for myself.

So right now my goal is to find a better paying job that will give me more hours so that i can save up.
Because unfortunately right now i'm on the verge of living paycheck to paycheck (thanks Provo Library, you're a gem).
But for now I'm grateful to at least have a job. But I'll jump at the chance for something else.

So if you hear of any full-time positions, let me know haha.

Well that's it for now i guess.



Iwona said...

maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

Katie said...

Ooh you will be so good at hair stuffs!! I will let you do whatever you want to my head if you need to.

Lys said...

I think you're brilliant. Always take the time you need. We got married quick, but one of us (.....) wanted to get married even quicker. I knew I wasn't ready, so I said HANG ON EVERYONE (nicely and with love, of course). It stunk then--mostly because we struggled to feel like we were on the same page, and we don't like that feeling--but it was worth the wait. What we learned in that time was surprisingly more valuable than the eternal guarantee we were wanting to get to so quickly.

I realize this is completely different than your story and your reasons, but I just wanted to say from someone who did get married quick and could feel like you sound a lil "harsh" that nothing about this was harsh at all. Everyone's different, and that's a good thing. Happy to hear that all is well :)

erin lou said...

Dooo it! You would be such an adorable hair dresser!!