Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So remember that one time when I was like "I'm not getting married for a million years! and you can't do one thing about it!" and then i scrunched my nose and maybe stomped a little?

Yeah me too. I'm still kind of doing that. But because of my dear weird sister (who is ruining my life by leaving me for London), I'm being forced to accept the fact that I can't put it off for too much longer, realistically.
And right about now is when a few of you are going to try to say "I told you so!" in highly obnoxious, nasally voices (not really, but that's how it will seem to me, so just don't do it).
Before you try to do so, let me say this.
For over two years everyone has been giving me flack about a "rule" I imposed upon Kameron and myself. I said he should be home from his mission at least a year before we tie the knot.

everyone laughed at me.
or they scolded me.

I DID NOT CARE. but actually, and obviously I did because it upset me and i felt like i had to explain myself until they could see my point of view (which was never actually a result that came about, as hard as I tried).

I said it to take pressure off of both of us. For him, so he wouldn't be out in the mission field worrying about getting married five seconds after he got off the plane home. For me, because it scares the crap out of me and I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. And I feel like even a tiny bit of stability is good and necessary to have when getting married. But we've come to a point where there are a lot of things coming, and they're not too far away.

Kam's looking at schools. One happens to be in Florida. And there is no way i'm letting him move across the country from me for another two years. But i don't want him to postpone going to school for me.

My sister and her husband are moving to London. Flights home (for wedding madness) be expensive.

LIFE IS HAPPENING. and a lot of our choices will be easier made when we can be a true blue unit...

So yeah, but hush up because it's not like it's happening tomorrow so whatever (can you see the stompy, scrunched face kid yet? yeah, sorry about her).

Anyway, this thing is happening. So i'm getting on board with it.

Just had a pretty successful journaling sesh. Found out I actually do kind of know what I might want for my *cough* wedding *cough*. My sister was pestering me about it yesterday, but in the loveliest, most sisterly way, of course (she reads this blog...). But I have to say it actually did help.
I mean I've got at least some kind of direction now. So it's all good, or something.

Also, this post is titled "exclusies" because I was not planning on sharing any such information with people who are not family. But this is cathartic in a way. And I'm fairly certain that there are only about ten of you bloggesses that remain and read this. So consider yourselves trusted. BUT DON'T BE RUNNIN YOUR MOUTHS ABOUT TOWN.

I'm kidding.

Just kidding, I'm not.



Bethany Johnson said...


Don't take back any words you've said, or justify your present decisions. Do what you know is good and if people have a problem with it, they're missing out on taking care of their own lives.

Keep us posted (:

Shelby said...

hahaha you are hilarious! and girl, i give you all the props for wanting to wait, but at the same time it isn't a horrible thing to not wait... i guess. haha it is nice to know there are girls like you out there who aren't like, "You are home from you mission! Put a ring on me!" Pretty much you are just awesome.

Harley said...

hah! i love this.