Thursday, February 6, 2014

gimme the remote

so i can put life on pause for a sec.
because there are things that I'm supposed to be doing that i am too much of a wienie to do.
so what, who cares? let me be Joy Behar if i want to. but actually just kidding because weird.
it's late and my brain is like quiet but also it doesn't want to shut up.
there's a ringing in my ears.
that's how i know its past bedtime.

So many things I'd like to say.
But its not nice to call people out when there are strangers reading.
also they can't defend themselves. so really its the cowards way out.
but i am just so tired of the games. BE HUMAN PEOPLE, NOT ROBOTS.


that's what i call my brain when its late.


Tam said...

Haha, your writing kills me. I wish I was as funny as you are. I hate you, but not really. You're great.

Katie said...

Who is Brian and why are you telling him to shut up? Poor Brian is probably sad now :( also I <heart3 you