Tuesday, February 18, 2014

i never saw a diamond in your flesh

That's not even how it goes. but that didn't keep me from singing it like that the whole time we were doing this shoot.
because I am obnoxious.

You guys should already know that Sabrina is my favorite cousin. And one of my all time favorite people. We had originally planned to do this shoot in daylight. I got to her house just after noon and we ended up just talking until 7:30. We are the chattiest of Cathys apparently. But I actually think we had to get more creative in the dark, and we got some sweet shots, so it all worked out.

I love this girl hardcore. She's an old soul.

We were inspired by Lorde. And Sabrina has the most awesome curly hair. (I am the jealousest)

This tree in her neighbor's yard was the most magical thing to happen. I love the way it lit the pictures. So huzzah for people taking a long time to take down Christmas decorations. We don't judge. We love.

We took a buttload more pictures than this, but I figure I'll post them in installments, lest I overwhelm you with her glorious face.

So more to come :)

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bridget anne said...

that lipstick! could never pull off something like that, but i love people who can. : ) cute collared dress, too.