Tuesday, April 1, 2014

im back

waddap playas?

I'm officially into my third week of my apprenticeship at Studio 210.
It's awesome so far. I should have done this a long time ago...

anywho. things and stuff.

We've had to hold off being officially engaged because we don't have the RING YET.

boo. I never imagined myself to be one of those girls who gets all whiny about her ring, but i found the perfect one and now it just need to have it already. We had looked at a few different etsy shops that offered the type of ring I wanted and of course Kam went and ordered from the girl in SOUTH AFRICA.
no wonder it's taking forever to get here.
(we ordered it February 27th...)
But so far we've bought a mattress and box spring, and a used couch. (both of which my parents were kind enough to let us store in their house.)

Yesterday we registered at target. But apparently we have to go back again because it turns out we're not super handy with those gun things, and we messed it up. whoops.

I'm officially moved out of my apartment and moved back into my parents house. People kept asking me if I was dreading it. But i'm really not, in fact, I never viewed moving to my parents house again as a step backward. it's just so much more convenient and I'm back to being two blocks away from Kameron again, so it's all good stuff, you see?

I cut my hair. My mom saw it and was like "you know that's not going to grow out by august right?"
Oh mom, she's so cute.

We bought the fabric for my dress. It's going to be very me.
So if you don't even think it's cute, it's not even going to hurt my feelings.

mmmmm i think that's it so far.

c ya later friends


Sara Anderson said...

oh this makes me so happy!!!! I was wondering when you too were going to get engaged. you're adorable you are. what does your ring look like?:) i am so freaking excited for you ruthie! marriage is the best thing ever:) you better send me an invite to your cute wedding:)

Reille K. said...

Freaking. YES. I'm so stoked for you! You know we've all been waiting right alongside you for this day since you and Kam got together back in high school, right? Ha! Yay!

Laura said...

I moved back home when I got engaged, too! So much more convenient, and so much more free :) The ring waiting game is no fun, but I'm excited to see it!

Anonymous said...

Hurray! I've been wondering when you were going to tell us more. Can't wait to see your ring!

erin lou said...

Ahhhhh!!!!!! I seriously need to check my blog feed more often. Yay, yay, yay-CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :)